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公园、公众场地 & 休闲服务


的 斯伯丁县匹克球协会 was organized to promote the growth and development of pickleball in Spalding County. 的 SCPA will also strive to be a leader in the sport of pickleball in the State of Georgia and the Southeast Region of the U.S. 的 Association is committed to further the growth and development of pickleball among players of all ages and diversity. 的 Association will cultivate an atmosphere that will make all pickleball players at all skill levels feel welcome and comfortable to participate. SCPA将努力提供公开比赛, 休闲游戏, 教学和技能水平的发展, 联赛打, 特殊活动/事件, 还有锦标赛. 的 Association will be the primary advocate for adequate resources to support pickleball programming and facilities in the County.

查看SCPA网站 spaldingpickleball.com.
同时,关注斯伯丁郡匹克球协会的最新动态 脸谱网.


“的 purpose of this notice is for information to support safe and appropriate 休闲游戏 practices for players during the expected transition period back to regular pickleball activity.”

“Dependent upon the specific timing and withdrawal of local COVID-19 restrictions, players should be prepared to adhere to a minimum of a six-foot social distancing measure, 根据疾病控制中心的定义.”


  • “如果你的球场是开放的,可以玩耍, 遵守疾控中心和工厂制定的安全预防措施.”
  • “Consider playing with only family members or others who reside in your household.”
  •  “Consider playing singles only and avoid doubles play as doubles is not conducive for six-foot social distancing and leads to incidental contact with playing partners.”
  • “根据当地情况,坚持社交聚会和保持距离政策, 状态, 联邦当局. 将你与其他玩家的距离限制在6英尺或6英尺以上.”
  • “If you do elect to play doubles, consider playing with only those who reside within your household.”
  • “避免改变球场的两端.”
  • “Maintain proper social distancing from other players in between games and during time outs.”


  • “Are exhibiting any symptoms of the coronavirus: mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, 咳嗽, 呼吸困难, 或者其他疾病控制中心确定的症状.”
  • “在过去14天内与COVID-19患者有过接触.”
  • "都是有严重潜在健康问题的弱势群体, 包括高血压, 慢性肺病, 糖尿病, 肥胖, 哮喘, or whose immune system is compromised such as by chemotherapy for cancer and other conditions requiring such therapy.”



地点:Wyomia Tyus公园的匹克球综合体
联系:专业商店经理Lynn Lowry,电话404.991.4245


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1. Wyomia Tyus Park offers a beautiful setting for 18 holes and is located at 1301 Cowan Road, 格里芬. This course is consistently ranked as one of the 前 30 most playable courses in the United States.

2. Dundee Lake Park offers an 18 hole course in a natural setting and is located at 255 Dundee Lake Road, 格里芬. 它以众多的水坑和独特的地形为特色.

3. Orchard Hill Park features a 9 hole Pitch and Putt Course and is perfect for beginners and all skill levels. 公园位于果园山41号公路2972号.

4. 的 Lakes at Green Valley 飞盘高尔夫 Course is located adjacent to 100 的 Lakes Pkwy. This is an 18-hole Championship 飞盘高尔夫 Course at 的 Lakes at Green Valley located off of Rehoboth Road.

“All players must follow all government guidelines and any requirements for physical distancing (example: minimum two meter [6 feet] physical distancing) upon arrival.”

A. “Anyone who is in a high-risk category as noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 欧洲疾病预防控制中心, 或类似的国别机构不应参与.”
B. “参加者不应触摸光碟, 袋, 车, 或属于其他参与者的任何其他财产.”

A. “Players should consider uniquely marking their discs on both the 前 and the bottom of the discs, thereby helping to identify the owner of a disc without the need for someone to touch it to flip it over.
B. Players should clear their disc from a target before another player putts out. A player should not putt into a target that already has another disc within it.”
C. “Players should carefully remove their disc from a target and avoid touching any surface of the target while doing so.”
D. "一旦圆盘接触到目标, players should consider sanitizing their disc prior to subsequent use or placing it into their bag.”

有关完整指引,请按此: 专业圆盘高尔夫协会网站


志愿者在斯伯丁县实现了这一目标!  志愿者体育协会投入了无数的时间来规划, 促进, 全面管理包括棒球在内的青少年体育项目, 篮球, 快投垒球, 足球, 和游泳.  的 Spalding County 休闲服务 Department fully manages the 青年足球 Program. 

以下是关于青少年运动季节的一般信息. 详情请与有关机构联络.


Spalding County 休闲服务 will host a 2022 youth tackle football season for boys and girls ages 6 -12! 每个参与者都将发展基本技能, 领导, 以及团队合作等特质, 完整性, 还有更多!  此外,还提供季前夏季训练和调理.

报名将于5月14日星期六开始th将于6月11日星期六结束th, 2022. 每名球员的费用为185美元,其中包括40美元可退还的设备押金. 你可以在网上注册 avg7m7.all2natural.com 或亲临康乐及康乐事务总署办公时间, 是星期一到星期五上午8点到下午5点.

本季将于9月10日星期六开始th. 主场比赛将在乔治亚州格里芬的志愿者公园举行.

需要青少年足球教练. 都对橄榄球铲球教练感兴趣, 必须完成教练申请并通过背景调查筛选吗.

如需更多资料,请联络: Program Supervisor, 罗比·米尔纳,678-572-8133或娱乐助理, LaToya Head电话:770-467-4750.


Spalding County 休闲服务 will host a 2022 youth flag football season for boys and girls ages 4 & 5! 每个参与者都将发展基本技能 以及团队合作等特质, 尊重, 还有更多!

报名将于5月14日星期六开始th将于6月11日星期六结束th, 2022. 的 cost is $60 per player that includes a team shirt with shorts and a sling bag. 你可以在网上注册 avg7m7.all2natural.com 或亲临康乐及康乐事务总署办公时间, 是星期一到星期五上午8点到下午5点.

今年,各支球队将与其他机构进行竞争性的客场比赛! 本季将于9月10日星期六开始th. 主场比赛将在乔治亚州格里芬的志愿者公园举行.

需要青少年旗手足球教练. 都对教国旗橄榄球感兴趣, 必须完成教练申请并通过背景调查筛选吗.

如需更多资料,请联络: Program Supervisor, 罗比·米尔纳,678-572-8133或娱乐助理, LaToya Head电话:770-467-4750.

843纪念博士. 格里芬,GA 30223


斯伯丁县的年轻人需要你的帮助!  We are seeking partners who are willing to invest in the lives of our youth by becoming Sponsors of the 青年足球 League!  点击这里 rb热博体育app信息!

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact 项目 Supervisor Robby Milner at rmilner@all2natural.com,娱乐拉托亚头在 lhead@all2natural.com,或致电770-467-4750.

咨询Robby Milner (770) 467-4750 or rmilner@all2natural.com


脸谱网: http://www.Facebook.com/GYFootballA




电话: (678) 603-4854

网站: spaldingunitedbasketball.com

电子邮件: info@spaldingunitedbasketball.com

Registration is conducted in January for spring season and August for fall season


网站: http://www.spaldingcountylittleleague.com
脸谱网: http://www.Facebook.com/spaldingcountyathleticassociation


rb热博体育app信息, contact 项目 Supervisor Robby Milner or Recreation Assistant Latoya Head at 770-467-4750

rb热博体育app信息, contact 项目 Supervisor Robby Milner or Recreation Assistant Latoya Head at 770-467-4750

Spalding County offers two popular Adult 篮球 Leagues: Men’s Open and Men’s Industrial. 

COVID-19 safety measures are in place to provide for a safe and exciting season!

比赛于周日和周四在城市公园和费尔蒙特公园举行.  比赛日程请致电770-467-4750.


Spalding County 休闲服务 offers adults with special needs the opportunity to compete in local, 区, 和国家特奥会!

的 2019 Spalding County Special Olympics Masters Bowling Team win big at the State Competition.

的 Special Olympic Bowling season in Spalding County begins in September and runs through March.  参与者每周在佐治亚州麦克多诺的欢乐碗上打碗.  Unified Partners help complete the teams which are established at the beginning of the season.  不收会员费,只收每周的保龄球费.

rb热博体育app信息,请联系LaToya Head (770) 467-4750.

访问 specialolympicsga.org 浏览更多有关特奥会的资料.